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  • Thank you for purchasing a Navman MY660LMT, MiVUEDRIVE FHD or MYESCAPE IV before the 31st January 2017. You are entitled to register to redeem a BONUS International Map of your choice choosing between North America or Europe.

    Congratulations on purchasing your new Navman. To claim your bonus map, you must purchase a new MY660LMT, MiVUEDRIVE FHD or MYESCAPE IV from a participating store between the 24th October 2016 and the 31st January 2017. Eligible claimants must complete the claim form below in full and include their serial number (found on the device and box), email address, their store of purchase, receipt number and preferred map. Claim forms must be received by 5pm on the 28th February 2017, each customer can claim on a maximum of two of their eligible purchases.

    Due to the large size of this mapping, you may be required to purchase and install a micro SD card up to 4GB to fit these maps or to remove any existing mapping on your device first before installing these maps if the internal memory of your device is not sufficient or if your device does not support micro SD card. It is not recommended for customers using a dial-up or satellite internet connection, recommended for broadband connection only.

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    Please allow for emails from Navman to be received by your email account so your map upgrade emails do no not get caught in your SPAM filter.

    Click here to view the terms and conditions of this offer.